Secret Clubhouse: From Chums to Chumps from trustynick on Vimeo.

From Chums to Chumps Fly My Flag Roll The Night Away:

A collaborative project organized by Flux Factory, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and the Believer Magazine, Secret Clubhouse was a beautiful rumor. Constructed over the course of several months by multiple artists, it was shown for a single night through a speakeasy style liaison at a neighboring bar.

From project description: "In Secret Clubhouse #1, a still-unrevealed location in a warehouse in Long Island City, artists have been working for six months. Each artist received a key to the space but had no idea what they would find. Each artist was given two weeks to produce work based on whatever was left behind by previous artists. None of the artists know each other, yet each has the same task: to solve the unfinished aesthetic ‘problems’ left behind and create new challenges for the next artists. As they work, they leave phone messages on an answering service explaining what the space looks like as they’ve found it, what they have changed, and why."

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