Grown Music

October 2, 2011

Grown Music

2011 with Ryan Murdock

Grown Music, is a video and sound piece created with Ryan Murdock that uses the time lapse footage of a 5'x5' garden plot shot over the course of 3 months as a score/data source for creating algorithmic music. The growth and movement of the garden’s plants are reflected in sound generated by a program that analyses changing patterns in each frame of the video. The music uses both electronically generated sounds and recordings of the plants themselves. The video was screened directly above the garden plot that served as the visuals and audio source. It was created for and presented as part of 5x5x5, a gardening & art project curated by Nora Herting and Ann Chen. For the harvest celebration at the end of the growing season,  we projected  the video behind the bed of plants that generated it.  The structure framing the image is the frame we built for the overhead time lapse camera:
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