Show here as part of the sound art show "Memory Palace" at Knockdown Center. "Animal Magnetizer” is an interactive musical installation that uses spatial sensing and automated acoustic instruments to allow viewers to collaboratively control the mix and progression of trance-like musical patterns through the presence of their hands and bodies. Viewers approach an array of static musical instruments and physical objects, laid out as if on display. By hovering their hands over each object, they activate it, triggering mechanical actuators in musical patterns. As multiple objects are triggered, a layered, rhythmic composition is sonically revealed.  Each new element that is triggered comes into the mix in synch with the rest, allowing participants to play an active role in crafting the sound of the music without prior coordination or practice.  The interactive qualities of the piece are intended to inspire playful collaboration among viewers and the arrangement of the objects within the space requires multiple people working in tandem to trigger the full mix. The sonic elements involved in the piece are variable for each installation and can include percussion instruments, xylophones, pulse wave actuated acoustic book synthesizers, radios and other found objects. The title of the piece refers to the 18th century practice of Mesmerism and the ceremonial "laying on of hands" that adherents believed to be a method for channeling invisible natural forces contained within the human body.  While now relegated to the fringes of debunked scientific history, the combination of detailed ritual and metaphysical exploration that were at the heart of such theories provide fertile grounds for crafting interactive experiences and exploring our current perceptions of technology, which often border on magical belief. Beyond this reference, the title is also a more literal description of piece's mechanism for activation: sensing viewers' animal presence to trigger electromagnetic induction in actuators used to create sound and motion.  
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